Monday, 19 January 2009

2009 - Your Year!

Next Millionairess  Club is on 29th January

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We focus on getting the RESULTS YOU WANT and ensuring that 2009 WILL BE YOUR YEAR!

Bringing it Home to you..Wealthbabes on Tour
In order to bring you the BEST information on creating alternative incomes, Amanda has volunteered to spend 8 days with the Global Gurus of Internet Marketing in the USA and will be sharing it with members over the coming weeks. Its a hard life....
Watch this space for all the latest tips, tricks and money spinners for internet enthusiasts and entrepreneurs.

What Women Want Survey Competition – Be it, Do it, Have it in 2009!
We are running a complimentary competition in January in order to discover what YOU really want in 2009. See prize details belwo and ENTER TODAY!
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All prizes will be given at the next Millionairess Club on Thursday 29th January. (Entrants do not need to attend in order to enter and win) 

Billionairess Boardroom
The Results Formula for You
Launching in February 2009

Only 10 places for results focussed women who want more in 2009!
This 'boardroom' style programme will involve working from various materials written by successful millionaires and individuals.
This group will enable all participants to exceed their own expectations, move through any limiting elements in order to reach your absolute potential. This course is not for everyone. There will be written assignments and accountability for you to get there faster, with less effort and totally raising your game! In Loreal's words 'Your'e worth it!'
Make 2009 your best ever and make the money, get fulfilled and enjoy the ride!

Booking this programme - please email for more information.
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Success Mastermind Teleseminar Series
Launching in February 2009
Only 10 places for individuals that want to be more successful.
This is a telephone based programme where individuals will get a chance to share their goals, listen to advice and exchange ideas in order to become more successful.
Ideal for those that like that extra acccountability, enjoy bouncing ideas of others and also giving others advice and feedback. This is an interactive 10 week programme that will greatly enhance your current career, business and life. 
Don't wait another year to make it happen for YOU!

Booking this programme - please email for more information.
Or call 0208 740 8184

Millionaire Mindset - Learn and Apply the Millionaire Secrets to YOUR Life in 2009
Saturday March 13th 200
How can you create the success it takes to become financially independent?
Join us on Saturday 13th March for a whole day workshop on how to apply the secrets of Millionaires.
What are the strategies they use and how can you apply them?
Do you need a lot of money to get started?
What are the hidden gems your already possess? What is one idea worth?

Join a day of 'not just talking'. We want you to leave with a plan on how to start your path to financial freedom. It may not be as hard as you think!
You deserve it so email us now for more information on 

See you soon